FALSE FLAG: Beijing Olympics 2008 (London attack)

The sacrifice – Ritual play in Beijing about London attack

Ritual buscrash 2005 in (Baby)London

Doesn’t anyone think it’s weird and absurd that the London bombings (7-7-2005) has been ‘recreated’ in the Bejing Olympics in 2008? This happened during the closing ceremony.

Yet this is only part of the whole story. The reason for the recreation is that they will abuse, and even literally steal, the energy of all the people present. With that they create changes in our DNA- and cellular-structure (through which material/bodily changes appear). It is, in fact, about the actions and events that happen in energy. And the energy is being activated by happenings in matter.

To create the right circumstances to achieve the goal, situations, through which ritual activity can be done, are created. The recreation of the bombing was such a activity and consequently an ritual sacrifice. Almost everyone present was unwittingly part of the ritual. On an energy level, they unconsciously open up.

Although the closing ceremony may seem like a beautiful show, this video shows what the true symbolic meaning is.

Those who think up these event are, obviously, not mainstream-thinking people.

They have, however, infiltrated in, and influenced the rulers of this world. They pretend the rituals to be an entertaining show, as to hide the real goal.

Symbols in the video (from the 2008 Olympics), READ MORE: OLYMPICZION.NL

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