Charlie Hebdo saga far from over: Extensive Counterterrorism raids in Belgium underway

Merely days after the Paris supermarket terrorist Ahmedy Colibali was sheep-dipped by the media to “Belgian arms dealers”,the Belgian Police is reported to have liquidated two Islamic patsies in one of many Counterterrorism raids across the country.


Other raids are reportedly underway below the radar across Europe. Is this a cleanup operation meant to prevent embarrassing details from exposure to world media? Is the whole thing just a show meant to prop up an atmosphere of war across Europe to advance Bilderberg’s recent plan for a continent-wide superstate spy agency with draconian authorities?

Or is it part of a genuine effort by Belgium and other European countries to avert rogue terrorist cells from blowing up in NATO’s face after a foreign power re-programmed them upon returning from the Syrian battle fields back to Europe?

At this early stage all the options must be examined. Stay tuned for further developments.


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Belgian security and special operations units raided a string of apartments in the eastern town of Verviers and Brussels Thursday, Jan. 15. They searched for native jihadis who had returned from Syria and formed cells to carry out what federal prosecutors called terrorist attacks “on a grand scale” across the country similar to the terrorist violence that swept Paris last week.

In Verviers, two jihadis described by police as linked to ISIS, were killed and one arrested, after they opened fire on the forces. Explosions and gunshots were heard from the clash. One police source said that the raids of 10 apartments, where the cells were actively plotting those attacks, had “averted a Belgian Charlie Hebdo.”

Still, the terror alert in Belgium has been elevated from three to four.

The raids took place the day after the French satirical magazine, which lost its top editorial staff in last week’s Islamist terror violence, came out in 16 languages and millions of copies, with a weeping Prophet Mohammed on its cover.

Belgian officials Thursday night declined to release details of the country-wide crackdown on Islamist terrorists, but promised more information Friday. However, French and British official sources report a Europe-wide terror alert in force. Since it became known that Amedy Coulibaly, the Jewish supermarket killer, had supplied arms to the Paris cells, a wide net has been cast across the continent to turn up links among terrorist cells.

Furthermore, European security services are apparently united in a campaign to black out most of their counter-terror operations. They are also striving to keep dark the terrorist or jihadist motives behind certain violent attacks.  Britain and France appeared to be resorting to this strategy in an effort to damp down frictions between the general populations and their Muslim communities


According to the UK Guardian, “Amateur footage has emerged purporting to show scenes from a police counter-terrorism raid in the eastern Belgium city of Verviers. The video shows what appears to be a gun fight inside an apartment on a residential street. At least two people have been killed and another seriously injured in a police operation against an alleged terrorist group, according to local media reports




There’s so much wrong with the following video, that I should have tried to find what is right. Based on the evidence, it is my strong belief that this was a staged event for the cameras and the shootout looks like a bad movie.

  • 1. First of all, there should have been long and tiresome negotiations with the alleged “terrorists”, as there were hostages involved. Lees verder


With my jaw still resting on my knees, let me just try and put together a little ‘bio’ of this woman. Here’s her website.


Jeannette Bougrab is, reportedly, the mourning companion of “CHARB” (aka Stéphane Charbonnier), the Chief Editor of CHARLIE HEBDO allegedly killed in the purported shootings. She is a right-wing politician (with Sarkozy’s UMP party) of Algerian descent – her father being a “Harki” decorated with the prestigious “Légion d’Honneur”. Lees verder


MICHA KAT is the Dutch “Alex Jones”

Today, Micha Kat (Journalist & Whistleblower) has been thrown in jail. There are several FALSE lawsuits against him, because Micha Kat exposes Bilderberg, pedophiles, corrupt judges, corrupt ministers, banking fraud, and all other things that are kept in the EVIL DARKNESS.

This is his website (in Dutch language) KLOKKENLUIDERONLINE.NL


On Alex Jones his website you can see Micha talking to Max Keiser about the Bilderberg lawsuit against him: INFOWARS.COM

WHISTLEBLOWERS thrown in jail and real child abusing corrupt criminals walking around in freedom???


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