ROTHSCHILD CRASH: FED USA (Rothschild Bank Mafia)

Alan Grayson questions the Inspector General of the Federal Reserve


The Federal Reserve Awareness Project

This is by far the most important video i’ve ever published and as soon as you begin watching you will understand exactly why we need to get it in front of millions and millions of Americans. For a variety of reasons this clip resonates with virtually everyone who sees it, and your emails are the conduit. More than 4 million people have seen this clip and become aware of secret bailouts by the Federal Reserve. But couldn’t you make it 40 million and ruin Bernanke’s life…

The Fed Under Fire: The Federal Reserve Is The Black Hole In American Democracy (Phenomenal 8-Minute Short Film)

We receive video submissions daily, and this is one of the most impressive piece we’ve ever seen: a short film by Lagan Sebert and Harry Hanbury of the American News Project featuring Ron Paul, William Greider, Dennis Kucinich, Darrell Issa and Alan Grayson.

The subject is the Federal Reserve. This is not some conspiracy-laden, doubtful screed. There is not a word of hyperbole. William Greider adds a fresh face and a nice touch to the debate, considering he wrote the original Fed Bible, ‘Secrets Of The Temple.’

Film produced in July 2009.

The Hammer Gets Hit By A Tree

This is a brilliant attack. Everything you’ve read about AIG and Goldman pertains to this. Paulson is annihilated by Congressman Cliff Stearns.

Please share it anywhere and everywhere across the net. Our only hope to stop the heist will come from greater awareness.


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