ROTHSCHILD WAR: LIBYA part 6 (World War 3)

Western Mercenaries and Corporations Pouring Into Libya

‘Western security firms – a polite term for mercenary outfits – are cramming planes into Libya to make the country safe for an invasion of western capitalists, the real beneficiaries of NATO’s war.

So frenzied is the crush of war capitalists and their hired gunmen seeking to cash in on the Libyan catastrophe, the New York Times tell us a $5 cab ride from Tripoli’s airport to downtown hotels now costs $800. The head of the U.S.-Arab Chamber of Commerce calls it a “gold rush,” as officials of the government established by force of NATO airpower lay out the red carpet for the foreign hordes.

Libya’s nominal new rulers in the Transitional National Council are in a rush to sell off the nation’s birthright before they’ve even got it in their hands.’

Read more: Western Mercenaries and Corporations Pouring Into Libya

Mass Murderers Meet – To be Arrested?

Oh, No: To Have Such A Laugh

‘We did it – killing civilians to protect civilians – so funny.’

‘You said you stood for change and you didn’t and I said I was against a carbon tax and then brought it in.’

‘I know … hah, hah, hah, hah, hah … they’re so stupid.’

‘We do what we like and destroy their lives and their children’s lives – and they stand next to us looking at their swords like a pair of prats. How easy it is to run the world.’


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