ROTHSCHILD WAR: SYRIA part 2 (World War 3)

First take a look at this video, where the ROTHSCHILD lies to initiate a war against Irak, are being exposed.

Kuwaiti Baby Incubator Lies Barry Zwicker

Then read this:

Syria: Kuwaiti Incubator Scam Redux

‘A Syrian human rights group says eight premature infants dependent on incubators died after authorities cut power to a hospital in the embattled city of Hama as part of a renewed crackdown on anti-government demonstrators calling for an end to President Bashar al-Assad’s reign.

The babies died at Hurani Hospital in the northwest Syrian city on Wednesday, Rami Abdul-Rahman, president of the London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, said Sunday. Abdul-Rahman cited information provided by a hospital employee who fled the city on Saturday.’

Source: CNN

Please wake up and don’t let those satanist ROTHSCHILD liars fool you ever again!! Let’s UNITE as ONE, but be very careful with leaders, because many of those leaders are working for the satanist ROTHSCHILD club. Choose leaders who don’t care about money or power, but care about the divine human beings that we are.


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