The War On Terra, The War On YOU

Wake up LIGHTBEINGS! PLEASE WAKE UP! The ROTHSCHILD satanists control all the world leaders, but not the 7 BILLION people. Their final war is all about controlling the last piece of the puzzle and that’s THE PEOPLE. This is our last chance to take our freedom back, we are the key to freedom. Don’t let them fool you with their satanist illusions.

‘This is about as creepy as it gets.

Our planet is clearly under attack. Anyone even half awake can see the world today is careening towards disaster when there is no reason for it. Our resources are plentiful, and the vast majority of people on earth are loving, ethical and well meaning individuals.

However, those in places of authority and economic power appear to be maniacal psychopaths constantly scheming for new ways to use and abuse humanity and its beautiful home called Earth, or Terra.

You name it. Politically, economically, socially, environmentally. It appears we’ve been literally invaded by something foreign to our world and are being systematically abused, dismantled and destroyed.’

Read more: Who Is Waging The War On Terra?

Problem Reaction Solution (David Icke)

World War Three: September 11, 2001-2012; Ad Infinitum


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