PEDOPHILE: Pedophiles In Places Of Power

Pedophilia and Child Sacrifice

Papal visit: Pope Benedict and HM The Queen Pope Benedict meet at the Palace of Holyroodhouse in Edinburgh at the beginning of the four-day visit to the United Kingdom. They say a picture says a thousand words, this one has been studied by many and offers many clues as to the true nature of the Papal visit. Caption: Queen: “I do hope you like my gift of this blonde boy, we know you like that sort of thing”. Pope: “When I have finished with him, you can sacrifice him to Lucifer, I also know what you like too”.
The hand of the Pope is over the hand of the Queen, signifying dominace, he holds her hand by the knuckles which is a freemasons secret handshake with the Rule of Canon Law hand over the glove to seal the deal. There is a reason for the Queen addressing the United Nations and then meeting with the Pope soon after. Let us explain.

The Pope is at the epicenter of the largest Paedophile ring in the history of the Universe. A ring that connects all the Knights of Malta, secret orders and global secret societies, bloodlines and incriminates millions of Satan Worshippers around the globe. The Queen has been caught red handed in blood sacrifices at least twice a year at Balmoral Castle and connected directly to ordering the death of Princess Diana. HRH by birth is related to Keiser Wilhelm of Germany who was the blood uncle of Adolph Hitler, who incidentally was a Knight of Malta along with Mussolini, Stalin, Bill Clinton, Tony Blair, George Bush Senior and more.
This ring is almost complete, but there is only one small thing. Hundred’s of thousands of victims now old enough to have no fear in coming forward are speaking out, including this writer, yet the Vatican and the Holly See are running around denying everything, money laundering, committing genocide and it’s all business as usual.

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Beyond Dutroux

She speaks of another murder that she committed on a girl of 3-5 years under the threat that it would be her brother who would be killed. She opened up the girl from the vagina tothe breastbone with a knife. She gave the internal organs to the dog. Someone cut off thehead. The child was devoured by the dogs… Murder of a young teenage woman who wasopened up by Vanden Eynde… The baby shouted in the mother’s stomach. She resewed thestomach with the baby inside… She also has to eat from the excrements of dogs… She has tocut off the vulva of a female dog named Rita.”More in PV 151.829, June 2, 1997:”Luxurious house with a surrounding wall and gate… non illuminated twisting path. Therewere some stables. Parterre with flowers. Hall of entry = cream-colored and blue tiles -red carpeting. Walls made of marble with a teenage picture of [later king] Baudouin on it.She spent a whole night with Baudouin – fellatio and sodomy. Presence of maid… In thishouse there were many servants… She remembers one evening when she had been smeared with cream before being brought to the table on a tray. She had been licked off and raped… At the end of another evening a child… had been castrated. The other children that were present buried the boy in a flowerbed. She remembers a child who had been decapitated,then cut and fried before being eaten. She remembers children who hung on hooks in thekitchen.

Hollie Greig Echoes Through The Royal Courts

Latest information about Robert Green and Hollie Greig


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