With my jaw still resting on my knees, let me just try and put together a little ‘bio’ of this woman. Here’s her website.


Jeannette Bougrab is, reportedly, the mourning companion of “CHARB” (aka Stéphane Charbonnier), the Chief Editor of CHARLIE HEBDO allegedly killed in the purported shootings. She is a right-wing politician (with Sarkozy’s UMP party) of Algerian descent – her father being a “Harki” decorated with the prestigious “Légion d’Honneur”.

“CHARB” (aka Stéphane Charbonnier) – “a supporter of the Front de Gauche and the French Communist Party (PCF).

charbWithout further ado or commentary, I will just list the various positions this 41-year-old lady has held – or is still holding:

  • -Served on the Board of Directors of the Union pour un Mouvement Populaire (UMP – Sarkozy’s rightwing party)
  • member of the Conseil d’Analyse de la Société :
  • member of the High Council on Immigration
  • member of the Administrative Board of the Arab World Institute (AWI)
  • member of the Conseil Franco-Britannique:
  • member of the CORA – a subsidiary of the Fédération française des sociétés d’assurances (French Insurance companies’ federation) – … assurances
  • member of the diversity oversight of the Conseil supérieur de l’audiovisuel (CSA).
    “The Conseil supérieur de l’audiovisuel (CSA) is a French institution, created in 1989, whose role is to regulate the various electronic media in France, such as radio and television, including through eventual censorship.” … udiovisuel
  • Chair of the Administrative Board of the Agence pour la Cohésion Sociale et l’Egalité (ACSE).
  • Chair of the French Equal Opportunities and Anti-Discrimination Commission (HALDE)
  • SECRETARY OF STATE / minister for Youth and Community Life under the Fillon / Sarkozy government
  • MASTER OF REQUESTS at the Conseil d’Etat (!!!)
  • “The Masters of Requests (Counsels of State), more fully maîtres des requêtes ordinaires de l’hôtel du Roi, were originally, during the Middle Ages, judges of a council convened to examine petitions lain by commoners before the Royal Household (hôtel du roi).” … 8France%29
  • Associate Professor of Law at Institut d’Études Politiques de Paris
  • Worked as a lawyer for the Constitutional Council of France

All in all, as you can see … quite the sort of woman you’d imagine falling in love with a scruffy, ‘politically-incorrect’ communist cartoonist drawing ugly magazine covers ‘making fun’ of the Koran and the muslim world… Here she is (see below link), less than two days after the “terror attack which killed her companion”, chatting happily away on TV about the tragedy – and severely scolding a group calling themselves “Les indigènes de la République” – who once accused the CHARLIE HEBDO folks for being “racists, zionists and friends of the powerful”…

Aaalright… so this whole pantomime is getting sillier still.

Firstly, let me just post this brief photo caption from the Daily Mail:

“Lost: Jeannette Bougrab (right) had lived with Charb (left) and her adopted daughter May for three years.”

For three years, they lived together. Ok, so there should be ‘no doubt’ that Jeannette was actually Charb’s girlfriend, right?  Well, here’s the ‘shocking’ article published on Libération – just today:


“La famille du dessinateur Charb, tué mercredi, a «formellement» démenti «l’engagement relationnel» entre le caricaturiste et Jeannette Bougrab, ancienne secrétaire d’Etat, qui s’est présentée à de multiples reprises dans les médias comme compagne du dessinateur, dans une déclaration à l’AFP, samedi “.          (Jan 10,2015)                   The family of cartoonist Charb, killed on Wednesday, has «formally» denied the «relationship /engagement» between the caricaturist and Jeannette Bougrab, former State Secretary, who has presented herself on multiple occasions in the media as the companion of the cartoonist, in a statement to the AFP, saturday”. (Jan 10,2015)

The above statement is credited to CHARB’s brother, Laurent Charbonnier. Laurent is also quoted as saying: «The family does not wish Jeannette Bougrab to express herself in the media anymore on the subject of Charb, in any way.»

Hmm, so I suppose the man behind Jeannette, holding her hand, is Laurent – CHARB’s look-alike brother?




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